Persistent cough in children

Persistent cough in children

Some small children tend to suffer from persistent cough. This may also result in children feeling breathless or experiencing nausea. There may be formation of excessive phlegm which children may vomit out.

For small children, the persistent cough and the excessive phlegm formation affects both their appetite as well as sleep, the lack of which is certainly unhealthy for growing kids. When a child faces such a problem, it is quite common for parents or caretakers to give warm water to the child to drink. Some parents may also consider giving honey-lemon, quite a popular home remedy for cough and colds. However, this is not quite advisable and may in fact prove to be more problematic.

The persistent cough is likely a symptom of an inherent problem which needs to be addressed by finding out the root cause of the problem. It is better to seek professional help from someone who can determine the potential causes based on a number of factors, including family medical history, diet and eating habits of the child including the foods they like or dislike, etc. This will pave the way for a permanent solution where the child is not only ‘unbothered’ by the problem of persistent cough but also shows overall improvement in the quality of sleep, improved appetite and overall energy levels.

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