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Many middle-aged people face this problem of hair loss.  While in some cases the hair loss may be frontal ie. one sees a receding hairline, in other cases it will individuals tend to show symptoms of going bald from the back of the head. Either way, the problem of hair loss if not detected and treated early not only affects a person’s look but may also affect the person ‘s self-confidence.

Common symptoms of hair loss

It is important to remember that hair loss could be temporary or permanent—this varies from individual to individual and the actual cause of the problem.  Moreover, depending on what exactly is the cause of this problem, the symptoms usually vary.  Here are some signs that you must look out for:

–          Hair thinning gradually at the top of the head

–          Spots of bald patches on the head- usually on the scalp

–          Hair becoming loose with lot of hair coming out together

–          Loss of hair from various parts of the body, usually caused due to side effects from other medical treatments.

What causes hair loss

Having gotten an idea of the most common symptoms, it will be good to get an idea of the possible factors causing this problem.

Hormonal factors:  this may be due to hereditary factors as well as due to sudden hormonal changes/ imbalances.

Medical conditions:  certain conditions such as skin problems, thyroid, attack by one’s own immune system and  scalp infections can result in various degrees of hair loss.

  Medical treatments:  if you are taking medication for certain diseases and also experiencing hairloss, chances are that the medication is the cause.

  Hair pulling disorder:  this is a form of mental disorder.

Hair loss treatment / Cure

It is very common for people to ask if homeopathy can treat and cure hair loss?  Generally, the answer is yes, but the success rate will be dependent on a host of factors, with the most important being the exact cause. Numerous patients around the world have reported success with homeopathy hair loss treatment. So, it is a good idea to discuss your complete medical history with your homeopathy consultant and provide details of when your first started experiencing the symptoms of unnatural hair fall, which will help the doctor devise the right hair loss treatment for you.

Are you experiencing hair fall symptoms? Contact  Tejinder Kaur now to discuss a potential homeopathic cure for your problem!

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